The distressed property market in Florida is ballooning with 14 of the top 20 metropolitan housing markets leading the country in foreclosures being in Florida according to the Local Initiatives Support Corporation. Severe mortgage delinquency rates in Florida are still proving that there are deals to be had and it is not too late to land your dream home while prices are at record lows. The housing market has crashed many times in history, but never before have the deals been made to the public as they are today.

The vast majority of Real Estate Agents have no access to find you that diamond in the rough other than looking through the local MLS. The key is to have a look at a property prior to it being marketed on a broader scale. As leaders in distressed property sales, the Williams Group has a buyers network comprised of insiders at Banks, Hedge Funds, Mutual Funds as well as Government Sponsored Enterprises that stretch across the globe. Our listings have usually generated buyer interest prior to being put in the MLS. As a customer of The Williams Group you can have a first look at these assets before they are ever marketed to the general public.

As you are looking through short sales you may get an unpleasant surprise when you realize that many of the featured properties have already been foreclosed on. As you scan different real estate sites you will also notice that most of the listings are the same and the only variety is usually in the form of seemingly random market data that is usually compiled from broad area research and analyzed by out of state agencies with little knowledge to our unique economy. When you do find that deal you may be bombarded with distressed property buying scams, get frustrated with the seller’s inability to bring the property to close, or find yourself consistently too late. You may also have questions such as: Should I buy a Short Sale or Bank Owned Property? What are common buyer’s scams? Why buy now? How do I find a distressed property real estate agent? Do I need to be pre-qualified? Are you dizzy yet? Buying can be that frustrating when you are working with the wrong real estate agent.

As Williams Group customers, our distressed property buyers can rely on us to keep them away from the Distressed Property chaos and out of the ocean of frenzied buyers. We are the distressed property experts in Northwest Florida and we work with our Williams Group buyers to prepare them for the unique Distressed Property buying process.

Thomas E. Williams II
Managing Broker
Pelican Real Estate & Development Co.

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