How Do You Save Your Northwest Florida Property From Foreclosure?


If you are reading this information it is safe to say that you are looking for more than how to sell your home. You are looking for answers. The Williams Group is the distressed property experts of Northwest Florida specializing in Pre-Foreclosure, Bank Owned and Short Sales of all types of Real estate. We want to arm you with information that you will need during this uncertain time in your life. You may have many common questions such as:

  • How do I keep my home out of foreclosure?
  • When does the foreclosure process start?
  • How do I get the bank to approve my short sale?
  • Can my homeowners association foreclose on my house?
  • What is a Lis Pendens ?
  • Can the Bank or any of there representatives come onto my property ?

You also need to know common distressed property “pit-falls” that you may encounter when searching for a Real Estate Agent and how to avoid getting locked into a sales agreement with a Broker that does not have the specialized skill set or experience to turn an offer into a successful sale.

Most importantly, you need an agent that sells distressed assets for the banks because the information gained from working directly with the banks is something that most agents do not have access to. The Williams Group’s sales expertise is sought after by both community banks and some of the largest financial institutions in the World. The truth is, the banks do not want to Foreclose as it is very costly for them to do so. The Foreclosure process can cost a Bank thousands and they also have extensive maintenance, repair, risk for vandalism as well as the carry cost on the home. The market is flooded with Distressed Property and every day each one draws closer to Foreclosure due to lack of action and mistakes during the Short Sale process. Simply putting a property in the MLS and taking any offer to the bank is not acceptable and usually is counter productive. Aggressively pricing and marketing your property with careful consideration given to your unique situation, we will guide you through the short sale process and put our industry knowledge to work.

If you have received letters from the bank or the bank has already filed a lawsuit against you, contact me for a immediate, confidential analysis of how we can be of help. You still have time to save your home from foreclosure!

Thomas E. Williams II
Managing Broker
Pelican Real Estate & Development Co.

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