The Financial Upside to a Down Market

Where in the country can you find some of the world’s most scenic ocean front property with potential that keeps rising while prices are at all time lows? Pristine white beaches with crystal clear emerald water, affordability, favorable proximity to majors cities such as Atlanta, Nashville, New Orleans and the opening of a new international airport has brought worldwide interest to the emerald coast of Florida. CNN has chosen Panama City Beach as the #1 place in the United States to invest over the next five years. Despite the recent historic downturn in Real Estate across the nation, this area seems to have found stable ground. We still have short sales and Bank owned property for investors but that trend has slowed as inventory has been sold down more than 50% in some cases year over year. The demand for these Bank Owned assets is unlike I have seen in my career. I have lists of Hedge Funds and investors from around the nation clamoring for that steal everyone so badly wants to own. I always like to remind people of that favorite Wall Street term, “buy when there is blood in the streets”. Although no one can ever predict a bottom, our team of Distressed Property experts will give you access to the deals that are not advertised as we are the industry leader in Bank Owned property in both Residential and Commercial Real Estate alike. The Williams Group customers always will get that first look at these distressed assets before anyone else knows about them.

Who Is Buying Distressed Property In Florida’s Panhandle

The panhandle has a diverse group of buyers as we have two military bases in close proximity which brings a constant flow of buyers and renters to the area.  Future retirees from the Northeastern United States are  looking to capitalize on the affordability of  northwest Florida’s distressed property market have begun to scoop up condos and homes in order to solidify their future plans. With access to our area now better than area due to the first International Airport built in the country since 1998 we have a new influx of buyers that can now make that non stop trip much easier.  International distressed property investors are carving their niche as their stronger currency makes buying too enticing to pass up.  Large corporations have recently announced plans or have already begun to plant their roots in Florida’s sought after coast and local investors and businesses alike are capitalizing on the aggressive marketing campaigns that they have staged.

Its Your Turn. The housing market has fallen before, but this time the government has taken steps to ensure that the public has a chance to capitalize directly from the lenders themselves. During the savings and loan collapse the Resolution Trust was set up in 1989 and Hedge Funds, Mutual Funds and Wall Street insiders bought the assets before the general public had there chance only to be sold back to the public at a steep markup.  This truly is a chance of a lifetime as the Banks are being allowed to dispose of the assets themselves as the taxpayers of our nation are footing the bill for the Banks bad business moves. It’s our turn to take advantage of what is truly a once in a lifetime chance to own that piece of Florida Real Estate that you may have always thought was out of reach. Now, its simple as you found The Williams Group.

Thomas E. Williams II
Managing Broker
Pelican Real Estate & Development Co.

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