Real Estate bottom is in but Foreclosures not going away for years to come.

Many people have the misconception that Foreclosures in the marketplace mean that Real Estate here in Northwest Florida is still struggling. Nothing could be further from the truth and Foreclosures actually help the market move. Foreclosure sales are healthy on many levels as they create an inventory movement as well as bring buyers out looking. When you have buyers moving in the marketplace they tend to discover that there are other deals out there besides just a foreclosure. The Foreclosure itself may not be what they end up buying but it inherently created a sale for the market as a whole. Foreclosures have long been a word that was hushed up. I remember when this whole crisis started Brokers did not want to advertise Foreclosures here along the Emerald Coast because they did not want to spook the market. I always found this somewhat comical and I live by the philosophy that whatever the market is throwing at you then you need to embrace it not shun it. I refused to sit around and tell people that we were going to pull out of the crisis soon like many Brokers when I knew we were imploding. I decided to take the market by storm , create business and most of all help my customers with short sales and advice about their current financial crisis on their own home and how The Williams group of Pelican Real Estate could help them avoid that dreaded Foreclosure.

The Foreclosure pipeline is still loaded with a backlog of inventory and we continue to have new foreclosures in places like 30-a , Rosemary Beach , Watercolor , Seagrove , Destin , Panama City Beach and many more on a daily basis. These areas will take years to get through them and that does not factor in any additional Foreclosure starts as we move forward. People need to understand that price wise we have absolutely hit rock bottom and started back up. However , this has nothing to do with the fact that this economy in The United States is in Horrid condition and people are struggling. I fully expect Foreclosures to be with us on a steady basis for another 10 years or more. Short sales will also be with us as a foreclosure alternative as I still speak with sellers daily in trouble and need the help of Thomas and Jasmine Williams of The Williams Group to unload that home before the bank takes it. I feel that we have the greatest opportunity of a lifetime in buyindg property at this point in time. Interest rates under 4% and prices we have not seen in years and Banks willing to sell and possibly owner finance at 100% equates to a marketplace that is exploding in any type of economy. Don’t miss what’s happening in the world of real Estate here in Northwest Florida or a foreclosure sale from a bank. How do oyu do this you ask ? Its simple , you found The Williams Group .

Thomas E. Williams II
Pelican Real Estate

Managing Broker

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